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Have you ever screwed someone over in order to make someone jealous?

If so, did you feel any remorse for hurting them? Did you get the person back that you were initially trying to make jealous? 

I just really need to get this off my chest. I’m sad it’s this way, to strangers on the internet

I’m not gonna lie, I’ve done this. And I feel horrible. I never have spoken on this because I’m just so disgusted with myself. The person really fell for me and i never had any intention of being with them. I really did lead them on. They were my best friend before anything, we were friends with a group of people from work. They all knew how she felt about me. But she also knew I was still in love with my at the time ex. Things were rocky with my ex, and spoiler alert. we ended up back together. I remember hearing my friend crying next to me one night when we were drunk. She cried herself to sleep, I found a post it note of her trying to write my phone password down. I will never forget that. I destroyed her. And it was like I didn’t even care. The truth is I do, I do care a lot about her. She is so sweet, I didn’t deserve to be anything to her but she made me her world. And I took advantage of her. I will never forgive myself. We don’t speak anymore really, and she’s been dating someone and is engaged after 7 months, I’m not surprised. She’s amazing. I’m glad she’s found someone. It just hurts me to think back on all I have done. If I ever see her soon I hope to have the decency to apologize or perhaps maybe I should let it go, as it seems she has too. 

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  • Alan H
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    8 months ago

    No.    And hope I never will

    It is immature, callous and counter-productive

  • Helen
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    8 months ago

    On the bright side, you got back with your ex so it wasn't all for nothing.

    She got involved with you knowing that you weren't over your ex. Not that that makes you blameless, but what's done is done and you need to forgive yourself.

  • .
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    8 months ago

    No, i would never intentionally screw someone over (especially to get back at someone else). People are responsible for their own emotions. You can't MAKE anyone jealous, sad, mad, happy, or anything else. You can do things that may cause or contribute to them CHOOSING to feel a certain emotion, but THEY make it happen (not anyone else).


    Selfish and insecure people want others to be jealous. When someone isn't confident in themselves and content with their own life, they may feel the need for others to covet what they have (or for others to covet what they can't have). It's not a healthy emotion UNLESS it triggers someone to better themselves for their own benefit (not anyone else's).

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