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Am I over thinking? So, I gave my ex (who’s still a decent acquaintance of mine) a few nude images/vids of me on Snapchat. See description?

First off, I’ve learned my lesson and will never do it again (thanks). And yes I know I was stupid.

Anyway, he never saved them on Snapchat. I figured if he screenshotted them, it would tell me (not sure about screen record on androids). Anyway, I asked him if he had them and he said no. Out of fear I asked again, and he offered for me to check his phone which I refused. Am I overthinking to think that he might have them in another phone? Or possibly offered me to check his phone just as a “ Psychological Technique”. ?

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  • Helen
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    1 month ago
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    We don't know him. Do you think he'd lie?

    It seems you don't trust him at all, in which case it's unfathomable why you would ever send nudes to someone you clearly don't trust.

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  • Alan H
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    1 month ago

    He may well have deleted them but will have shared them widely before doing so.   Those pictures are likely still to be circulating widely.

    What else would you expect?

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