If politicians have the right to pick apart any Pres phone calls to to a foreign leader, wont that shut down ANY calls with ALL FLN LEADERS?

What foreign leader would accept that????

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    People understand the concept of top secret. It gets dicey when a president like trump develops a historical chronic disconnect f/ truth/accuracy. Fact checkers have documented over 15,000 cases of his BS and lies. Sadly, he convinces gullible people w/ falsehoods they want to believe true. Hitler did the same thing. Tell them what they want to hear, give them groups of people to blame etc. ... anything displeasing is fake news ... no facts needed.


    I'm an adult. I included much verifiable data in my answer. How am I supposed to know what you mean when you use the word "that" in my comments? I'm not a mind reader. My answer is a respectable reply intended to help you w/ your inquiry. It has been my observation some people don't want verifiable data help because they already made up their mind and are just looking for patronizing. That's not me. I study extensively and use facts to sway my convictions. This is why I rarely align w/ trumpsters ... they are opinionated ... willing participants in trump's non-stop parade of misinformation and lies, I'm pragmatic. I'm outraged by media falsehoods no matter what channel and am thankful for facts regardless of where they come from.

    I'm looking at trump on TV stating he would love to release his taxes and the next screen is a headline how he's suing to prevent the release. This kind of thing is common for him and as an informed voter, highly intolerable to me. Disconnect f/ truth/accuracy is usually a bad sign but when done on the scale of trump it can only be one thing ... he's evil. 

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