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who else hates therapy?

I honestly think it's useless, the whole psychology it's based on cliches about people, I changed 3 therapists because I wanted to find someone who would get me, but they were all the same, and what i've heard from others' experiences as well. they are all judgy even if they don't say it put you in a category immediately. I absolutely hate that. only you know whats really inside you and how to work it out. therapists are only good for people with no one else who would listen to them. i really wasted my time and money with them and am much happier since i stopped.

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    I will assume you are referring to talk therapy.They will not be able to prescribe any medication.

    I agree that an individual is going to have to take initiative to work on issues that are troubling you on your own. a therapist will be able to if they are capable offer ideas/ tools/ coping skills to help point you in the right direction. With this being said someone could get the same information from a self help book from any book store around.

    With therapy a person will pay a fee no less than 80 dollars on up for the time of this person  to hear them out. When said time is up the clock will be paused until the next session where the clock will be restarted and resumed for X amount of time then paused again.

    So essentially you are paying someone to be supportive to you for a fee and they are selling you time out of their day for a price the two of you agree upon.

    Are you getting you moneys worth? Yes if it is meeting your needs probably. Touch on something not so comfortable and quickly that yes opinion turns to a no followed by the reason/ excuse not to return again.

    If anything works or does not work is entirely up to the individual and how they chose to digest the new information.

    People only know what they know until someone teaches them another way.

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    I've seen alot of people helped by alot of therapists. There are some bad apples in every field but most therapists are only concerned about their clients welfare and happiness. If yours isn't helping you it's a bad match. Find another.

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    Not all therapists are the same as you found out. It takes patience to keep looking for a fit for you. Keep trying, you will be glad you made the effort.

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    Very true it's useless method to deceive people by telling them that it has medicinal effects.

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    If you know how to WORK IT to recover (like you said here) then why did you go to a therapist ever?

    Therapists are there to make us think and to give us work to do in order to make positive changes.

    You have no clue what therapy is all about. And yes, some therapists like to get people riled up. hahahaha

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    8 months ago

    One of the most introductory forms of therapy is based on the idea of bringing the causes of destructive behavior or the behavior and emotion that is causing the person problems in their life to light. I like to comically put that in a nutshell as "you need to stop raping corpses."

    That's what I'm hearing from you, the therapists are encouraging you to stop doing whatever it is you are doing or pointing out something about you that you want to keep being or don't want to see. That's not judgey, that's the truth. You are a poopyhead and all that corpse raping you do is the source of your unhappiness.

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    I think there are good therapists out there, but they're exceptional. But therapy also depends on the client and their willingness to change. Most people don't want to change; they just want to be able to cope better. And most therapists are only able to help people cope better, at best, because that's all they ever learned to do. When a person is ready to change, the right help will come into his or her life.

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    I don't HATE it, but I agree that it doesn't do much for most people.

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    I didn't understand how violating it was until I got away. 

    I gave more of myself to the therapists than they gave of themselves to me. I will no longer share myself with one. Private, mine, butt out.

    College has taught people that only professionals have true human value and that their egos are king, something impossible to work with.

    They dont aim to enlighten you, they aim to shrink. Speak of things that should be above your knowledge or station and watch them skirm. That person is supposed to improve you?

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