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What is the probability of being born on your birthday?

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    I’m going to assume that your question is just badly worded, as the chance of you being born on your own birthday are obviously 100% for any live birth.

    The chance of anyone being born on your birthday are 1 in 365, or if you’re born on February 29th it’s 1 in 1461.My mum hit the jackpot with that as my brother was born on her birthday, 10th January.I then met and married one of a pair of identical twins born on 10th January. 

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    the probability of being born on a specific day of the year (your birthday) is 1/365.25 the .25 calculates the extra day added for a leap year.

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    Um, there's no probability. Whatever day you're born on is the day that's your birthday. Like wtf. Lol.

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    In the strict definition of birthday, that's the day used to celebrate the anniversary of your birth.

    So your 1st birthday is 1 year after you were born. Your 2nd birthday is 2 years after you were born, etc.

    So NOBODY is born on their birthday. They are only born on their birthdate and then celebrate birthdays every year after that.

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  • 8 months ago

    100% what other day would a person be born on? That's why they call it your birthday.

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    birth day or birth date?

    birth day, eg, day of the week, 1/7

    birth date, eg, day of the year, 1/365.25

    actual birth date, including year,  1 / (365•38)

    (average age in US is 38)

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    your birthday comes up once every 365days or 366 every 4th year so on average the chances of you being born on your birthday is 1/365.25 which is aprox 0.27% chance

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    P(Borth on birthday ) = 1

    That means total certainty!!!!

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    100%  Your birthday is determined by the day you were born, so you are always born on your birthday.

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    1 in 365, obviously.

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    Seven                .

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