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So many hamster questions?

I've had my Syren hamster for about a year now and , some days she will want to be playful and other times she's seems to frezz randomly and show no interest im always think that something is wrong ,could there? Also I was curious if it would be a good idea to change the style of her cage after cleaning it eg hide bedding under tunnels so that she can build her own home , after that hang a seed bar from her cage bars so that she as to work for her food, hamsters would have to do this in the wild in order to survive so would it be a good idea to have a similar approach,or will she just get stressed out due to the change? Exercise, how much is too much? I read that hamsters can run up to 5 miles and I tend to give my hamster,in her wheel, approx an hour exercise each night, it's approx 20 minutes each time with approx 20 minute breaks, I was thinking of let my hamster run longer up to a full hour, would this be too much?....thank you for your time.

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    Seed bars are very unhealthy and should not be used. Hamsters need to be scatter fed and provided with herbs and forage, but it must meet their nutritional needs.

    Any time in a hamster ball is a sentence for illness, injury or death. Her feet can get damaged in the ventilation slits; she can break bones or give herself brain damage running into things; she can become exhausted from being unable to freely stop and drink/eat; the ammonia build up in a ball can make her sick.

    Your Syrian hamster needs a cage at least 100x50cm long, preferably a tank because they need a minimum of 8" of non scented hemp, aspen or paper based bedding. She needs an 11" /28cm solid wheel (small ones cause spinal damage and wire/mesh ones cause bumblefoot). 

    Hamsters freeze when they hear or smell something unfamiliar, it is best you do not bother her when she does that and it will be finished quickly. Hamsters aren't cuddly pets, hardly any enjoy being cuddled/petted and are more interested in the things around them then their human.

    Her cage should only be cleaned once every 2-8 weeks, depending on size, and spot cleaned regularly. Weekly cleaning causes extreme stress.

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