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Whats wrong with my puppy?

Im the owner of an 8 week old german shepherd.   ive noticed that after he eats, his stomach begins to make alot of noises.   He throws up just a little bit,  wherever he runs he sounds really bloated.   what could be the problem?????

I doo notice he eats waaaaay to fast.  Could that be the reason????

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    So has the puppy been to the vet for its post purchase HEALTH exam (to be sure he is indeed healthy)?   And what did the VET SAY about all of this?  We have no way to know if you changed foods (suddenly) are feeding a cra#py food, or HOW you are feeding said puppy - let alone whether he is FULL of intestinal worms.  

    If you think he is eating too fast => you can buy a food bowl with KNOBS in it at any pet store to SLOW a fast eater down.  Fast eaters can swallow AIR, but "Bloat" is a real condition and not usually seen in puppies so young, unless something is wrong.

    For now, RAISE the food bowl up to chest height and add warm water to the bowl plus 1-2 tbsp of canned puppy food to make a soft and slower eating & thicker, more glop-like food.  Meals need to be carefully measured, and fed at 3 equal intervals, per every 24 hour period until 16 weeks of age then you pare down to TWO meals per day.

  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    You're not his owner. You're his friend. Unless you're a troll, because no dog would want to be friends with a troll.

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    It might be assumed you are feeding dry food-only. Try feeding a mix of dry, canned and water to make a stew-like meal. For an 8 week old pup, you will need to feed him about 3 times per day, so divide his food between these three feedings. At the age of 8 weeks, you could even feed canned, only with a little water added. A puppy of this age was only recently weaned, and will do better with these foods.

    If he can't keep a meal down in this manner, call your vet and get him in. 

    It might be that he is eating dry food and it is getting stuck in his esophagus, or you are not feeding often enough.

    Also, cage train for house training. Use praise in training. 

    Dogs live for praise. 

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    Could be anything from bloat to worms to you switching the food to quickly from what the breeder was feeding him. If he's eating way too fast it's probably because you're not feeding him often enough and/or feeding him a cheap grocery store made mostly of corn so he's left hungry. Ask your VET if you're concerned and get this puppy on a better quality grain free food.

    I do hope this is an AKC registered German Shepherd whose parents' hips were tested? If not you're in for some REALLY expensive vet bills as he ages since badly bred German Shepherds are notorious for bad hips and hip dysplasia. Most good breeders would never let a puppy go that young.

    edit: Actually as young as it is it's probably PARVO and your backyard breeder mutt will be dead by the time you get off your *** and take it to a vet.

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  • Pearl
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    9 months ago

    take him to the vet

  • Mandy
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    9 months ago

    What are all the question marks for?  If you are actually concerned, why are you asking here?  

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