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Yahoo News especially UK is run by evil trolls?

And the bias moderators who favour these trolls are Satan's children agree?

They can turn anything against anyone that is not white blue eyed blonde hair and might look liberal. A bit like Hitler agree? ....


See the anti Greta Thunberg comments... Sexist ageist liberal-white-fear lesbian-LGBQT fear etc.

See the pro Harvey Weinstein comments... It's an attack on white male privileged attacking HW right??? ...

See the anti Rachel Riley comments. Why? Because she married a Russian !?!?!? ...

Update 2:


Update 3:

I want these people to install body clock chaos as I swear on their families I absorb their luck and energy at the times of the day they want it. YOU CAN'T TAKE THIS AWAY. JUST THINKING ABOUT IT WILL DAMAGE YOUR HEALTH SWEAR TO GOD ON YOUR FAMILY.

Update 4:

I absorb energy from the cvnt who disabled me commenting on Yahoo News. Call me El Absorbio, the Prince of Puerto Banas, only been there once but I was easily the best looking guy there swear on God's Earth, hotter than that average joe sitting with an Aubrey Hepburn-esque girl who caught my eye as I passed that restaurant there! Swear on his family.

Update 5:

I'd punch his face.

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  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    I'm offended by a question about trolls has been put in the pet section.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    i dont think thats true

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