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Falsely accused of shoplifting now too scared to go into any stores?

I bought something at a shop recently and paid for it but as I left I was told to put back what I stole, he didn’t give me the chance to explain that I never took anything only telling me that he saw me put another item in my pocket (I didn’t) he got a little aggressive (verbally) and I was told not to go back. This doesn’t really seem like a big deal so I understand it’s irrational but I now get really high anxiety going into stores and think about this often. Any advice on how to get rid of that? Sorry if this is long. (Don’t just say ‘get over it’ because I would if it was that simple.)


Also, there isn’t a manager or head office. It’s an individually run store.

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    There is no "get over it," so ignore people who say that. Psychology professionals are actually being taught now to not say things like help you "move on" etc. You instead acknowledge your feelings which I assume include humiliation powerlessness, anger, sadness, and fear. All of these are normal as feelings are our guides as in the warn us of danger and encourage us to avoid negative stimuli. You can work through these feelings, so you can continue to go to stores and not be as triggered by creating positive experiences. Its a numbers game essentially, in that you go to the store, purchase a pack of gum for example....go to another store, purchase a magazine, etc. If you have 700 positive store experiences, overtime, that one negative experience becomes less triggering. You always remember it, u just learn coping skills to function in spite of it. Claim your power back by leaving a Yelp and Google review of your experience at this store and how hurt you were. They hate that!

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    Your lie is obvious because that isn't what happens to people suspected of shoplifting.  Grow up and stop posting drama seeking idiocy over and over.

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    maybe you should tell the manager what that worker did

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    You got off lucky. l was tackIed by two security guards, heId for 4 hours in a tiny room, and forced to sign a confession that was disguised as something eIse. l then had a IegaI battIe over 'cosmetics' l apparentIy stoIe with huge attorneys fees and the end resuIt was not at aII satisfactory.

    Anyway, l understand the feeIing. Maybe go to stores where peopIe are more famiIiar with you? Get to know the cashiers and the workers there. Try to start a conversation with them. Keep everything transparent, try not to stay in the store too long, etc. If you stiII can't do it, consider therapy.

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    The way to overcome this is to regain the control you lost.

    You can do this by finding the contact details of the store and writing to their head office and tell them exactly what happened AND how you feel now because of it. My guess is you will receive a sincere apology.

    That alone may not fix it but I suggest once you get the apology, print it out and take it with you to the store. That should be the backup you need if confronted again.

    Merely say this has happened before and i could have had you fired for the way you treated me. Do it again and I will see to it you are!

    That is how you take back control.. and hopefully get over what happened.

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