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How was Hitlers army initially successful invading Russia but ultimately unsuccessful?

Need held for a research paper


Need help for a research paper

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    Stalin with his big brain absolutely nae naed on Germany's nonexistant oil supply

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Overconfidence. Bad planning. 

  • Prince
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    8 months ago

    Hitler was insane and would not listen to his own officers that the German troops needed warm clothing. This led to 26 unsuccessful attempts by Hitler's own officers to assassinate him. But one was NOT Colonel von Altenstadt whom historians try to smear because he had worked for Graf von Stauffenberg two years prior to his supposed death at Bad Tolz in 1944. Von Altenstadt (author of, "Unser Weg Zur Meer", Berlin, 1943) was posthumously promoted to Generalmajor, NOT something that would happen to someone about to be court martialed by Hitler. Hitler knew von Altenstadt was not only innocent, but had faked his own death in order to help High Command escape as the Reich collapsed. Hitler would never have bothered with a "posthumous" promotion for a traitor. 

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    You need far better answers than anyone can give you here. There are lots of well researched books on this topic.

    What most of the answers so far have not mentioned is that the German military, and their supporting economy, could not handle supporting wars of long duration. Campaigns like Poland (1 month), Norway (2 months), France (2 months) and the Balkans (2 months) was about as much as Germany could support at that time.

    Then, there also the fact that all those campaigns involved regions relatively close to Germany, where the transport infrastructure, railroads, could be used to support the campaigns. So, short durations, short distances and available support infrastructure.

    The German land and air forces were built around those limits. They could not operate at anything near full power when pushed well beyond them. Thus, their attempt to conquer the USSR failed.


    Travellers can also reflect on the extraordinary significance of the width of the Russian railway gauge to the defeat of Nazi Germany during WWII.  Throughout the rest of Europe, including Germany, France and Poland, trains ran on tracks 4 feet 8½ inches wide, the so-called Standard Gauge, as they still do today.  Thus, when Germany launched its blitzkrieg invasions, troops advancing into Poland and France could be supplied by German trains travelling across the border onto Polish and French railway lines.  As luck would have it, however, Russian railway lines were a different width to the rest of Europe, 5 feet wide, as they still are today.  As a result, German locomotives couldn’t cross the border from Poland to support and supply advancing German troops, which was a highly significant factor in the Nazi failure to rapidly capture Moscow before the onset of the freezing Russian winter.

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  • Same mistake Napoleon made. Russia is too vast, also the Russian Winter made matters worse. 

  • 8 months ago

    Because the Americans entered the war and helped Russia and England with financial aid and now Hitler have two major fronts and also the deadly Russian winter that destroyed a part of Hitler's army..... The only country Hitler ever declared war was on the  USA....... BIG MISTAKE 

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    The Russian Winter did them in for one thing.  Plus the Russians had an unlimited number of troops willing to sacrifice their lives to overrun German positions. 

  • blu
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    8 months ago

    Sun Tzu said: In conflict, direct confrontation will lead to engagement and surprise will lead to victory. 

    Once surprise was no longer a factor, it became engagement, Hitler lost that edge and direct confrontational factors ruled the day.

    As it relates to direct confrontational factors ... mistakes were made, it gets complicated etc.

  • 8 months ago

    They advanced so fast that they outran their support system. Troops need food and equipment needs fuel and repair and weapons need ammunition. In addition, Germany primarily used horses for their supply lines, beginning Operation Barbarossa with 600,000 of them. Horses need to be fed and cared for, too.

    This article covers the subject quite well:

  • David
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    8 months ago

    The harsh Russian winter weather was a deciding factor.

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