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Why do people answer the questions on here?

This may seem silly but I always see people answering questions students like myself have on here regarding math, science or any other subject. Why do you guys go out of your way to answer them? Most of the time they are super helpful and I know myself and many other students are grateful for it. I’ve just always been curious as to why though. 

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  • Jim
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    9 months ago

    1. to 'pay it forward'

    2. to keep a sharp mind

    3. to help others in general

    4. for the love of math & science

    5. to help compensate for 'some' teachers

    6. to have something to do

    7. to work 'puzzles' in the morning

  • 9 months ago

    That is a good question. I don't even know.

  • 9 months ago

    I'd certainly agree with Dr W's and Roger the Mole's answers. I started teaching college chemistry eons ago (1982), and finally retired last May. Mostly, I taught biology (Genetics, Cell Biology, Biochemistry and others) but would occasionally get to teach general chemistry. Next to Genetics, Gen Chem was my favorite class. Helping students realize that they, too, can figure out how to do chemistry and to solve chemistry problems was always very rewarding. I always encouraged my students to use Yahoo Answers if they were stuck with something, or to get another explanation for something that confused them. So, I still do this because it's fun, because I enjoy working through problems, and because I hope that I can still help students learn that Chemistry isn't so bad.

  • Dr W
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    9 months ago

    great question.  Possible reasons

    .. (1) to keep myself sharp

    .. (2) to share knowledege / learnings with the next gen.

    .. (3) to give a little bit back and perhaps start a trend

    .. (4) to decompress and distract myself from my real responsibilities.

    .. (5) it's what I've always done.  help students understand chemistry

    .. (6) to learn learn something new along the way.


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  • 9 months ago

    I have several motives:  1) I am old, and I hope that keeping up with today's students will help keep the Alzheimer's away.  2) I think of it as earning my Social Security.  3) I hope I am helping at least some students become good at science -- the future needs them.  4) Working out some of the challenging questions is actually fun and gives me a feeling of satisfaction.  5) By providing Yahoo with lots of free content I don't feel bad about keeping 10,000+ emails on their server.  6) I'm retired, so I need something useful to do every day. 7) I learn new things when I research questions I don't know about. (I learn a lot here from pisgahchemist, too.)  8) I got my degree in Chemistry, but as things turned out I was never employed as a chemist.  So by answering chemistry questions now, I don't feel like that time in school was wasted.

  • Oiy
    Lv 6
    9 months ago

    We hope you will do the same as you have grown up. Give back to society.

  • Pearl
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    9 months ago

    probably cause theyre just trying to help

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