Thinking about putting a long arm lift kit on my 1998 jeep cherokee sport?

My whole life I've wanted a high lifted cherokee, just last year I bought a 1998 sport wanting to put a 6.5-7" long arm kit on it!.. here's a list list of what else I "think" I need below 

Ladder bars

Steering kit 

Slip yolk 

New cv driveshafts

Slight Transfer case drop

Enhanced steering box

Drop pitman arm

Track bar drop bracket

Track bars

steering stabalizer

Driveshaft spacer

New shocks

Allignment shims

Double Cardan shaft

I am also aware that the transmission needs to be regeared and the speedometer needs re calibrated  but that's it.. I don't want to take shortcuts and want to make sure EVERYTHING I could possibly modify or change to ensure quality is in fact changed and or modified. However I have never done this before (I plan on having my mechanic install) I just need someone's help, like I said I've done due research but I don't know a whole lot about suspension, is there anything else I will need (and won't) to make sure I'm installing absolutely everything to ensure (relative) quality, and longevity and safety to my suspension system?  

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Don't have your mechanic install it, go to a well-known, highly experienced shop with an impeccable reputation to advise you what to get and have them install it. That's what a logical and intelligent person would do who wants it done right the first time with no issues. Here in Arizona there is a company called Fly-N-Hi that has been doing lift mods for over 40 years. Find somebody like that. It's worth spending a little more to have it done by Pro's. If you have to save up a little while longer to afford that, so be it. 

  • Snezzy
    Lv 7
    8 months ago

    I'd never do that, but I have zero need for such a mod. Less than zero. But I heard my mechanic discussing raising and lowering with a customer. He said, "I do not do that sort of work." I think he worries that the customer will never be satisfied, and will always be coming back for "free" changes. "Ya shoulda done it that way, not this way. Change it. An don' tell me ya can't. Whadda lousy mechanic! Oh an don' charge me."

  • 8 months ago

    i would ask a mechanic to help you out with all this

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Just buy a new Jeep Grand Cherokee so you will be spending more time driving it than fixing it.

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