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can you put 7 gerbils in the same cage or not?

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    Gerbils are very social little rodents and prefer the company of their own species. With that said - they also need their own space and/or Domain they can safely hide if the other gerbils become too rowdy. 

    You will need an enclosure with plenty of space - as these little guys are very active. They will also need to be all the same gender - females will be happier and tend to do better together than males because of their natural dominance and territorial tendencies. 

    Males and females together will appropriately assign the order of their hierarchy but mixing genders together will also end you will MORE gerbils! 

    Gerbils DO have quarrels every now and then. Sometimes there will be blood shed, possible fatalities and other times it will just be an innocent nip to put another in their place. 

    The key is to have a large enough enclosure with many structures and hideaways that are safe for hiding, sleeping and storing their prized possessions (food and treats). I would recommend all gerbils to be of the same sex and close in age for the most successful gerbil family.  

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    Gerbils can't live in a cage, they must love in a tank or gerbilarium. In theory, you can, but If it is not big enough they will kill each other. Two gerbils need 100x50cm of space, they must not live alone, which is around 850 square inches of floor space.

    For every additional pair, you need double that room (however that is only the minimum, gerbils still get stressed out and it's always recommended to give them more room so the risk of fighting is still high. They also require a minimum of 10" of non scented hemp, aspen or paper based bedding (all others are toxic) mixed with hay and a section for sand which they require. The more bedding, the better. If you decide to give them a wheel it MUST be an 11" solid wheel as smaller ones cause spinal damage and wire/ mesh ones cause bumblefoot.

    EVERYTHING in their cage MUST be wooden, ceramic or glass - zero plastic

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