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MISOA asked in Social ScienceGender Studies · 12 months ago

Why is it that female feminists never take up the challenge posed by traditional straight males ?


Good evening ladies and gentlemen ...i thought i should visit my home section ....you know how it is being domesticated werewolf ....these women !!!

i hope you are conquering them ....:)

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    12 months ago
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    Perhaps we're just not aware of this "challenge". If it's to be married to a man and raising children together I'm capable of doing that AND being relatively feminist at the same time.

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    Seems to me that you've got it topsy-turvy, MISOA. Feminists are doing the "challenging", by saying men and women don't need to follow "traditional" gender roles.

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    It would really be helpful, Misoa, if you would tell this benighted soul what are the specific challenges posed by traditional straight males, or what it is you define as a traditional straight male. Perhaps you should also define what are the challenges of a traditional straight female.

    Actually, I really sympathize with both sexes. The traditional roles which stem from prehistoric survival imperatives no longer apply. Men are both confused and threatened by gender equality and women are conflicted by their desire for equality and the instinctive imperative to bear children and care for them. It's both confusing and contradictory.  Just as society demands monogamy for civilized society to exist when the instinctive tendency is for males to acquire as many females as they can to insure their offspring survive, I believe women are instinctively programed to bear and rear children. We try to ignore these roles in modern society because they no longer apply but we also ignore a million years of imprinted and instinctive behavior.

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    "Why is it that female feminists never take up the challenge posed by traditional straight males ?"

    Because the modern feminist ideology is cultural Marxism.  And this ideology follows identity politics which states that straight males -oppress- women as a matter of their just being born male .... their very identity.

    You could not get a better divide-and-conquer mechanism that this .... half the population (women) against the other half (men),  .... if everyone was to go along with the loony Left that is.  Thank God not everyone is a feminist then, huh?

    Now if we could just get the misinformed Classic feminists to stop defending all the modern cultural Marxist feminists, then half the battle would be won and the gender war would be over.  Classic feminists need to understand that excusing radical feminism and identity politics, and alt-Left nonsense by claiming that to be "equality" is just promoting more radicalism as feminism,  and NOT equality.


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    12 months ago

    Writing immature statements, such as yours, shows that you have no other means of judging men, just because they were born male. You make no attempt to address the good guys who like females and do what they can to make a female comfortable in their company; those that look after and care for their children. These males are the majority on this planet. Did you take time to count the bad females that kill men and children, and who are psychopathic? Yes, there bad males. However, I did the homework, and it turns out that of males, the bad are 0.00000000000001% of the male population. That leaves the rest of us as good males. If your propaganda works, then it only works on the very small minority of like minded immature females who are well balanced, that is, you have a chip on both shoulders. Don't blame your misandry on me for your shortcomings.

    By the way, If you menstruate, then you are female. If you don't then you are male. If you are a male and dress, act and look like a woman then you are still male. If you're female and take the same route to be like a man, you are still female. Pretending what you are biologically are not, and, you try to fool people into thinking your are something you're not is offensive. You live with it; but don't expect others to be taken in with a lie. Lie to yourself, but don't lie to others. There are enough liars in the world as it is. Nuff said.

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