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are these acoustic guitar tuners (tuning pegs)the same?

I have a 3/4 guitar that I'm renovating and I want to replace the tuners (tuning pegs) with ivory style tuners but Im wondering if the tuners on the 3/4 guitar are different than ones that would come on a dreadnought or regular sized guitar. The guitar is an old dean 3/4 guitar. Can anyone help me or give me advice? and no replies saying get a new guitar, i know what I'm doing to this guitar

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    So far as I am aware a 3/4 size guitar uses standard tuners. When replacing any tuners though you need to check that they will fit your guitar (without modification). The posts need to match the diameter of the holes in the headstock and if the tuners are “three on a plate” the spacing needs to be right.

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    Look for replacement tuners and see if you are given a choice between full and smaller-scale. I think you will find that you aren't. That would mean a 3/4 scale guitar uses the same size as other guitars.

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