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What is the obsession with the Super Bowl?

I don’t understand why people care or why I should care. I will absolutely not affect my life regardless of who wins and loses. I also don’t care about who wins or loses. It means nothing to me.

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  • 12 months ago

    Why do you care? Just go about your life and shut up!

  • Anonymous
    12 months ago

    must mean something to you or you wouldn't get involved with it here

  • Anonymous
    12 months ago

    we like watching ****** beating on each other

  • East
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    12 months ago

    I agree but I don’t like football.  It’s arguably the best of the best football so if you like the sport or it’s your hometown team then it makes sense to like it.

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  • If you live in America (I don't), it's the most-watched event on television by far (agree about not caring but there is no disputing it's impact). Period. It does impact your life because of consumer spending in your community (there's a very real and tangible link between consumer spending and the game). Your country effectively shuts down during the game.

  • Anonymous
    12 months ago

    The Superbowl has everything to do with American Exceptionalism. It's WHO WE ARE.  Fierce.  Brilliant.  Unencumbered.  Are you an import driving Trump voter sissy?  

  • 12 months ago

    Hey kid, just cry some more.

  • 12 months ago

    It's the championships game of the most popular sport in America.  If you're a male older than 10 you are far more likely than not to enjoy watching football, and the championship game is therefore interesting.  You don't, so that's fine.  Everyone has their own tastes.

    But because so many people DO care, they would invite their friends over to watch. And it became an annual party.  And the party slowly took over and became the event.  It's an unofficial holiday where friends get together and have a party.  Yes the football game is the ostensible reason, but getting together is as much the thing as the game. 

    So go to the party, visit with your friends and family, hang out and enjoy everyone's company.  Or sit at home and play Fortnite.  Or read a book.  Or whatever you want.  Just stop whining about it.

  • 12 months ago

    You sound like a child. Sports is entertainment, of course it doesn't 'affect your life'. NOTHING on TV does or should. You know that right?  Short Version for non Fans: Why are you invited to a Superbowl party whats this about. The Superbowl is simply the last NFL game of the season, the Championship Game. The National Obsession with the Superbowl is a massive marketing coup by the NFL. Where millions of people who DONT WATCH or LIKE watching football; are somehow watching, maybe even you.  If you don't care enough to watch Playoffs, you shouldn't bother with the Superbowl. Go to the party you're invited to, and find the non fans to talk, drink, have fun with.

    Long funny Version for football Fans: 

      The Superbowl Obsession is the NFL's triumph over common sense and has earned billions for them; by allowing them to sell the rights to air the game to networks for the highest price as the most expensive commercial time in the world.  They tricked millions of people who don't like football over 4 decades that they're supposed to get together the first Sunday in February, to see something they don't like. 

      They created a hardship for hardcore football fans whose eyes they already control. Baseball, Basketball fans don't have to suffer through 3 hours of fluff for the action in their championship games.  PlayoffsParties: pure football, one hour less commercials and other complete crap like a long unnecessary halftime show that IS NOT Live Football.

    ALSO; non fans get in the way; and talk during the action and hush for the COMMERCIALS.  "oh wow, that was a good one." While you're trying to watch a game, you have the majority of Americans surrounding you: the non sports fan men, women and gay men at the party who ask

     'who is playing?'

    "Really? I Never heard of the Kansas City Chiefs" 

    "Where's Tom Brady? He's cute"  There should be another room for them where they can talk about Jimmy Garopolo's appearance, or a place behind the seats that doesn't obscure the screen.  Because

     The real fans have a game to watch and talk about. Talk to us during the 3 hours and 20 minutes of not football we have to suffer through to see the clock go to 0:00.


      The spectacle of live action includes between plays the cameras pan to good looking white players on the sideline; I guess to keep the gay men and women in the room with the TV long enough to see the commercials.  I imagine we'll see Jimmy Garopolo's face after every Chiefs offense play, to see him smile if its a stop or upset if it's a gain. Pictured below so you can used to him from now.   


    The History:  As far back as I can remember, the Superbowl was this gathering. 1980's families and friend circles gathered for a Superbowl party; EVEN THOUGH most attendees didn't even know who was playing.  The games were usually terrible; I remember such garbage as 85 Bears Patriots, 91-93 Bills blowouts, the 94 Niners destruction of Chargers. 

     Basically; throughout the 90's YOU NEEDED A SUPERBOWL PARTY, with pretty girls and children who didn't care to make it through the FOUR HOUR broadcast, 6pm-10pm.  Women will hush for the commercials and talk during the action.   This is Infuriating to no end; the NFL has created a massive coup making tens of millions of Americans TUNE IN FOR COMMERCIALS; which is what the NFL and networks do, Provide Eyeballs for Commercials, which are the entire source of revenue. The Entertainment Industry including sports and the entire Internet is all about getting people in front of a screen to see commercials.  And the NFL already great at getting THE MOST people the highest ratings of any content; created this silly event where even MORE Americans tune in who don't even spend any of their own time watching, yet feel obligated to gather to see a sport they niether know or care about. 

    Bad Superbowls were punctuated only by 1990, 1997, 1999, and then decent ones began happening in 2001. In the 2010's the default has been a good game, 7 out of 10 were entertaining to the end. 

     If your home team is in the playoffs and you didn't watch their incredible story to win out and make or win the Superbowl, you might not really care that everyone around you is celebrating, but you'll pretend; this moment will mean nothing at all, you will forget it in a week.    For possibly millions of kids in Chiefs and 49er families in California and Midwest; next Sunday's game, if a win or a close loss will spark a lifelong obsession with that team.  I know because it happened to me, 1986 Giants 39-20 over Broncos.   

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  • 12 months ago

    I am a Packer so if they get in it it means a lot.If they win it means another championship for the team I enjoy watching.

    As a NFL fan i do watch other teams as well.My intrest in them isa lot less but I still have some intrest.But for the most part want to win some money on the pools and bets I made on the game.

    As for you your right if it doesn't affect your life if ya don't want it to.Just like Star Wars movies have no effect on my life.It is what ya want in your life.

    Apperently lots of people have some intrest in the game.The networks hype it up a bit more then what it should be and it is what it is

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