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What do you think of a character who has the power (not gadgets) to rewind time with his thoughts?

His ability isn't limited like in those animes. He can chose to rewind on a large scale like the universe or something small like money in his pocket. Example is, he buys a PS4 and then just rewind his wallet so that his money returns while still getting to keep the PS4. He can rewind his own age. He can rewind his death to back to life. He can rewind cuts and bruise. He can rewind his penis back into hard mode after busting a nutt so he can continue right off the bat. He can rewind raping a girl to like it never happened so he doesn't get in trouble for it. Yeah, he's probably not going to be a good person abusing his powers.

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    So basically a god. Theres a reason most characters have some fairly stringent limits to their powers. Its very hard to create a likeable, relatable character, or a compelling dramatic narrative when a character can effectively so whatever they want with no consequences

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    I have no idea...

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    How about giving those powers to Batman & Bat-Girl?!! Or maybe Electra Nachios?!!

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    Sounds terrible.  It makes no sense that his rewind affects some matter and not others.  It's hard to imagine any compelling story that could be told around this character.  If he were just rewinding time to get a second chance (a la Prince of Persia) that seems viable, and is probably a gimmick we should see more of given that it is effectively like a save point in video games and thus is highly relatable.  But that's not what you describe.

    I mean, why not buy a diamond and move it from the left hand to the right, then rewind the left and ta-da, you have two diamonds. Repeat and you have 4. Then 8.  16, 32, 64, 128, 256, and so on.  He does this a few dozen times and he's got more diamonds than DeBeers.  He can do this with ANY valuable material and become the richest person on the planet in an afternoon.  He could make a second Earth by rewinding time in a portion of space where the Earth WAS but isn't currently.

    He could walk into a hospital and heal everyone by restoring them to a point in their lives when they were healthy.  

    But then, would they also lose their memories of everything that's happened since?  Would the atoms that make up those diamonds have to come from somewhere?  Conservation of matter?  What happens to his hand when the flow of blood reverses itself?  Does it cause burst blood vessels near the edge of the effect?  

    And why did you have to use rape as an example of it's abusability?  That's unnecessary.

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