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Jushin Liger, Shawn Michaels, AJ Styles, or Eddie Guerrero?

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    Shawn Michaels. Shawn Michaels was an excellent performer who's talent is in heavy scarcity. It was difficult to locate a talent as good as Michaels. Michaels could elevate any superstar he wrestles and he often made himself stand out among the rest. He could get a good match out of a average wrestler, a classic out of a good wrestler and a masterpiece out of a ring general.

    AJ Styles is probably the most talented performer after HBK in this list. Styles, like HBK, can elevate any wrestler. Styles can make his matches interesting and also make his opponents look good. He is still one of the best wrestlers in the world.

    Between Liger and Eddie, well I'll have to say Liger. While Eddie was great in the ring, Liger influenced a part of pro wrestling. Liger invented a couple of moves and Liger is definitely one of the most underrated legends.

    Eddie was very, very talented and his frog splashes were something that could wow you.

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      Yeah you are right about Shawn Michaels. He could make wrestlers who weren't mechanically great in the ring look good, and have good matches with them.

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  • Uzaif
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    4 weeks ago

    Shawn Michaels for me.

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