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What's going on with the Window 7?

The security mode Is not loading.

Thé windows Is not loading

No recovery

No restoration

No installation disk

How to fix it?

How to keep thé data?

No Windows key the stick Is a bit erased.

What's Microsoft link to download it?

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  • 1 month ago

    without the install disk/recovery/restoratiion media, you're not going to be able to fix the OS. In addition, you cannot 'safely' download Windows 7 media. There are disks available on the internet, but it's a 50/50 shot whether they are good or not. 

    Save Data first. Take the drive out and connect to another machine to save all your data onto another machine/or the cloud. This is the most important step. 

    Choice 1: order a Windows 7 disk on the internet, and hope it works for you.  when you use it be sure to NOT format the disk, but just run a repair of the installation. 

    Choice 2: format and install.  (You did save all your data as instructed above, right? ) Best Bet: Download and install Windows 10 from Microsoft.  yes, it's Windows 10, BUT considering the alternative, which is a large paper weight on your desk, this is the best option. It will allow you to fix the machine, AND be ready for the future. 

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  • 1 month ago

    Windows 7 comes with a built-in system imaging tool and a built-in recovery I sincerely hope that you use those tools to make your system image before the disaster struck. After you crash your car is not the time to go trying to get somebody to ensure you.

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  • Sandy
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    don't know the exact date but Microsoft discontinued Windows 7. 

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