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Baby shower games?

Hello, I'm planning a baby shower and looking for ideas for games. Any ideas would go a long way. 

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    Depends.  Most people I know hate "traditional" baby shower games like smooshing a candy bar in a diaper, stealing a pin/necklace every time someone says "baby," guessing the baby food, guess the size of the belly, etc.  And yet for some reason every hostess feels the need to play those games.  Personally, I prefer showers that don't even have games.  They're a social time.  Gather together, socialize, offer advice.  Have some food, beverages, and enjoy each other's company.

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  • sarah
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    This sounds kinda boring, I know, but I thought it was actually fun and everybody else seemed to like it, my shower, we did this little trivia game about me and my husband. Each person got a sheet with questions like, "Who walked first?" "Whose first word was da-da?" "Who was obsessed with Barney as a kid?" and had to guess whether it was me, my husband, or both of us. The person who had the most correct guesses won a prize.

    Also, you can never go wrong with taking yarn/toilet paper/ribbon and telling people to look at mama's belly and measure out how much they think will fit around it. People had a FIELD day with that one at my shower, and it was hilarious to see what they came up with (even more so since it was a co-ed shower). If you're using toilet paper, just have them guess how many squares will fit around the belly and then actually measure it out. Whoever is guesses the right length (or is closest) gets a prize.

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  • 1 month ago

    Hide the baby somewhere in the house and send the guests out looking for it ! (?) .....The person who finds the child wins a prize .

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  • 1 month ago

    There're some great websites to cover all aspects... games, gifts, finger food, etc.

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  • Jim
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    1 month ago

    Then put in baby shower games.

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