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Does the concept of money make people value each other as human beings more or less?  If so why?

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    Arguably less because the value people assign to it is often greater than that of another person, especially if they have little or no contact with them as it is money that affects their life, not an unknown person. Worse still, it can lead some to see others as a means of making more money, of objectifying them. So there you have it.

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    Money is simply a convenience for trade. That way we don't have to trade two thirds of a cow for 9/4 of a roofing job, etc.

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    I hardly think so. Money is just a distraction from human concerns. It's an excuse to do things *** backwards for the benefit of a few.

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    whats the concept of money

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  • Yoda
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    Money is a measure of the level of value of some asset.

    Usually, the FORef (frame of reference) over which something is evaluated is in relation to a limited domain of like assets.

    For instance, there are people who will pay $100 for a picture of a woman's foot wearing nice shoes. Outside of the FORef of people who are sexually excited by such images, the value of such a photo is negligible.

    Similarly, outside your own family, friends and colleagues, the value of other humans is trivial until some time you have need of the cooperation of a stranger. We live in very small circles of people we regularly associate with.

    This means in our lives, we buy into various FORef's that tie into our interests, and social connections. Outside of those, if we were being honest, we have no need for and thus place no value upon other things.

    The job of a sales person is to sell an asset by giving it meaning within some FORef that you personally have a personal interest in.

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