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the next time a team wins the league undefeated they'll have won ALL 38 games. It will be Arsenal to do it ;-)?

i know.


but i like to dream lol

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    That is almost never going to happen. The chances of that actually happening are so low. That would be pretty amazing though.

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    Since the "2003-04 Arsenal Invincibles" and their 26-12-0 record, the money spend in PremierLeague are off the roof from all the clubs.

    I don't see team managing to get an unbeaten title, even less to get at a 38-0-0 record.

    Some claim that this season Liverpool is on a similar path and even though I'm a Liverpool fan myself I don't think that they can get a no loss championship.

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    12 months ago

    It might just take a few years yet and i say good luck to you. It would make a change for you southerners to win something now and then 

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