I tried to switch brake light switch and now car won’t start. Please if u can read full details and explain what I did wrong and how to fix.?

Hi I plugged and locked in new brake switch and connected wire but now the car won’t even start. The car was working fine except it was stuck in park so I have been manually switching it with the button near my shift stick. I read online I need to replace the brake light switch under the wheel and when I tried the car stopped working. Also I saw another wire that was unplugged and assumed I unplugged it while taking out the cover ( I circled it in red in the picture). It was the only other plug I saw and it fit so I thought it had to be plugged in. If someone who knows what they’re talking about could tell me what to do to fix this problem, please let me know. One other question I have is what is the little black plastic piece that came with the switch? What am I suppose to do with it? Help would be appreciated, even if I could just get it to get started again I could use the shift override button to take it to the mechanic to put in the switch properly. I can only post one picture so I will try to make everything I am talking about clear in the photo.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    SOME cars have an interlock between the brake pedal and ignition. You can not start the car without having your foot on the break. The way the car can tell your foot is on the brake is the brake light switch is activated. You probably either installed the wrong switch or you did not do it right.

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  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    You were just guessing when you replaced the brake light switch.  Unplug the connector and see if the car starts.  No luck, get your car towed.

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