I need to know how to say log and logs in Japanese. I ve found the word maruta but I don t know if that s singular or plural.?

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  • Pontus
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    8 months ago
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    1. maruta is correct.

    2. It means: log or logs.  Context determines which, if it even matters.

    3. Japanese nouns do not have singular/plural forms.  

    4. Some nouns referring to people have collective forms, which aren't true plurals. A few examples:

    a. kodomo = child or children; kodomotachi = children in general (not a specific group)

    b. hito = person or people; hitobito or hitotachi = people in general

    5. When it's absolutely necessary to specify more than one log, you can say things like "many" in front of maruto. 

    6. plural/singular nouns - are not a necessary grammatical concept. numbers, adjectives, adverbs, etc - can compensate in those instances where the distinction is important. 

    Source(s): intermediate Japanese; native English speaker.
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