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What movie am I thinking of?

When I was little, I remember watching this foreign movie where a planet hits earth and destroys it. I’m pretty sure it was French and I think the planet was either Jupiter, or a red dwarf. Then again I could be thinking of Melancholia (2011) but I’m positive it was French. Plus unlike the ending of Melancholia, what I remember from this specific movie is chaos, panic, and fiery red colors because of a reddish planet entering the atmosphere. Or because people were setting things on fire? I also remember a woman with dark hair, not light blonde. At the end, I remember her sitting on either a fountain or looking out from a balcony at the planet coming towards them as she was sitting next a man I think. I don’t believe the movie is that old. It had pretty good graphics from what I can remember. It probably came out between 2000 and 2012.

Please help me figure this out, I’d love to use it in a class assignment, plus it’s realllyyy been bugging me. Thanksss!


Also throughout the movie, the planet gets closer and closer in the sky. I’m pretty sure it takes place over either a month or a week.

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