will I have a year of college done?

so I am currently dual enrolled. if i pass my classes now, i will have taken 10 classes. Out of the 10, 6 were online and the other 4 were in class. I don’t know how hours work but I was wondering how much i’ll have done.

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  • 3 weeks ago

    In most non-STEM subjects, one year is 30 credits, and most classes are three credits, so . . . probably? If any of your classes were one- or two-credit classes, and none were more than three-credit to make up for them, then no.

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  • Expat
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    3 weeks ago

    It depends on how many credit hours each class you took counts for. Generally, there are 3 credit courses and 1 credit courses. That information should be easily determined if you look at the course catalog online and find the courses you took. It’ll also be visible on your score report that includes your GPA. Take the number of credits you’ve completed and subtract it from the number of credits needed to complete the degree you’ve chosen and you’ll know how far along you are. 

    Source(s): 20+ years university professor
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