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Why would I only carry weight in my stomach?

I'm a 5'4" guy and 168 pounds, weighed myself yesterday. I can't see my junk past my belly because it sticks out so much. Even sucking it in, it's still so round that I can barely see past it. I'm naturally "skinnyfat" but I feel like my belly is way bigger than it should be because I've looked up online what guys my size look like and yeah they're chubby like me but don't look pregnant like I do. Obviously I need to lose weight but that's not my point here. Why would I only carry the weight in my stomach? It's so that I can't even pull my pants up without my stomach pushing them back down. And I have to wear a large or sometimes an XL shirt while other guys my size wear mediums.

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    Skinny fat means that you're a healthy weight but with an unhealthy proportion of body fat. You are overweight with a BMI of 28.6 so you are fat fat. A BMI of 30 is classed as obese so that's something to bear in mind. People that carry that amount of weight around their abdomen are at high risk of heart attack, diabetes and stroke so you do need to sort yourself out pdq. Typically people that consume too much alcohol and refined carbohydrates put on weight around their middle, you need to start eating a balanced diet rich in fruit, veg, wholegrains, lean meat, fish, low fat dairy and pulses before you end up in an early grave. Exercise is also important and you should aim for a waist measurement of less than 37''.

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    Because that's the way it goes for guys. Blame your hormones.

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    Malnutrition and anti depressants , psychotropic medication.

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