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Recommend a good TV show to me?

I don't like brutality nor anything stupid

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    You really should give an example of something you consider good as taste is extremely subjective.  You don't want brutality, but again, that's subjective.  Dexter for example would clearly be right out.  But would Breaking Bad?  The Wire?  

    The Good Place is one of the smartest shows on TV but is about to air the series finale.  Go find it on Netflix and watch the whole run...or at least the first season.

    Veronica Mars was an excellent detective-noir concept mixed in with a teen dram-edy.  Very funny and very good.  (Also featuring Kristen Bell)

    The West Wing was outstandingly good.  Probably the best political drama ever.  I disagree with some of it's policy stands, but the show was excellent.  Really, all of Aaron Sorkin's dramas are good and smart.

    Orange is the New Black was good.  And if you like it, you should also try the first three seasons of Weeds before it jumped the shark.

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    catweazle was a good one from the early 70's.

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    Mr. Robot


    True Detective



    The Americans

    Better Call Saul


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