AM I ASKING TO BE KILLED?!?! How alarming is this / Is this a huge red flag in this relationship?

I have been speaking to this boy online and on the phone for over a month now. We talk on the phone a lot.

Lately he wants to meet up with me and stay in a Hotel to 'get to know each other more'.

Even on it's own meeting up with practically a stranger and staying the night alone with them is scary, but now after what he keeps talking about I am extremely unwilling to do that and don't know if this is a huge red flag.

He claims to be a god freak. He belongs to a 'secret gang' and he is now 'leader' so he tells others what to do but when he was a normal member he had to work his way up just like everyone else through crime, kidnap, theft, torturing people if they piss them off etc. and he said it so calm and chillingly he laughed after he said 'I know how to torture people'

Then he said to 'achieve another rank' he had to do something truly horrific and he burnt somebody alive. That was his exact words. I strung them up and lit the match and he burned alongside the building. Then he talks about skinning people. Torturing people in general.

I know this may sound a troll but it really isn't, this is all true. I don't know if I'm asking for something like this to happen me and I'm being lured. He loves bragging about his criminal activity and his sadism, and even brags about burning someone alive and evading the law.



I forgot somehow to say this, he says he orders his gang members to 'watch out for the people he cares for' and that he has got people to watch me to make sure I am alright. He even told me he knows yesterday I was wearing a red and white hoodie, which I was. He says 'no matter where you go I will know and protect you'.

Is this another huge red flag?

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    "Get to know each other more."  Think about this.  Why would someone invite you to a hotel?  It's not for a fireside chat with tea and cookies.  This guy is dangerous.  Don't meet up with him.  Cut off all contact and if you're still a minor, tell your parents.

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  • 1 month ago

    He sounds dangerous. Don't meet him alone. And try not to let him know where you live.

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