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Plastibell or Gomco?

What are the pros and cons? Specifically which one is safer? Is one more likely to leave a tighter cut, higher/lower result, or more of a scar?


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  • Roddy
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    A Gomco clamp consists of 4 separate parts that have to be assembled on the patient. This causes a baby to have to be restrained for a considerable time compared with using a Plastibell. I' prefer not to subject my son to a longer period of restraint than necessary.

    The Gomco has to be re-sterilised before each use whereas the Plastibell is a one use device that you know is fully sterile.

    Both te d to place the cut at about the level of the corona, but the Plastibell doesn't allow for as complete and tight a cut as the Gomco does.

    Neither intrinsically remove the frenulum, although a docor's using a Gomco may be more inclined to spend a few more minutes doing that than one with a fast use Plastibell.

    Neither should leave more of a scar the the other, but as a 'cut and stitch' device, the Gomco necessarily requires the wound to be stitched, whereas the Plastibell is an occlusion device and requires no stitches.

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