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How Long Does It Take for Atherosclerosis To Develop?

Can someone in their 20's develop atherosclerosis especially if they have high cholesterol but are taking a statin and exercising? How long does it usually take? I also am overweight but have been watching what I eat alongside exercise. I also have no heart issues.

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    when you get to'll be must have been medically fearful, due to thinking you got educated from viewing all the dangerous drug advertisements, you were not...;

    Source(s): you trust the wrong people and give them way more credit than they deserve ;
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    • k w
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      and look at the believers/down-voters in drugs, they never suspected...and are offended

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  • 3 weeks ago

    I read reports that young troops, killed in Vietnam had autopsies done that found atherosclerosis in the coronary arteries at the 10-20% blockage noted. 

    I think this is a common occurrence in society today, and think screening for high cholesterol and consideration for treatment would be wise, even for younger patients.

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