Why does this book "Deliver Us From Evil" by Barrettt cost over $900 dollars used?

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  • 8 months ago

    It doesn't

    There is just one guy offering a copy who figures he'll shoot for the moon.

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    8 months ago

    My SIL self-published a book in her field of expertise long ago. She was shocked to find it listed for $800 on Amazon a couple years ago; she'd sold it for $6.99, she's pretty sure.

    So she contacted the seller and engaged them in a lengthy conversation. (She's one of those people-pleasers, and really good at it.) Apparently this person and many others make fairly decent money scooping up small quantities of books, both self- and commercially published, when they're remaindered--sold super cheap, the last step before returns to the publisher (or more often, the book destroyed and proof send to the publisher) and a refund. They price their finds astronomically high.

    Most titles never sell at all, but sometimes someone who really wants it will actually pay hundreds of dollars for an unfindable out-of-print book, so the operation is profitable enough to be worth doing.

    My SIL bought the last twenty copies of her own book for $3 each. The seller was probably glad to get the storage space freed up for more books hardly anyone wants.

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