inherited a “50,000 Peso cincuenta mil pesos bolivianos;1984” & am curious if anyone can tell me any info about it and/or the US $ it equals?

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  • 4 weeks ago

    It is obsolete currency. Bolivia devalued and eliminated the old peso effective January 1, 1987. At the time, you could exchange 20 notes like yours for one new boliviano, which at the time was equal to $1 US. So an old note like yours, at the time, was equal to one US nickel.

    The boliviano has fallen since then, to worth about 14 cents US today. But the value of your note has gone up quite a bit from the five cents it was worth in 1987.

    It's just not any great treasure. They sell on eBay for anywhere from a dollar to maybe $4, depending on condition. Tons of them survived and you will see dozens of them on eBay at any time.

    • Casey Y
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      4 weeks agoReport

      When banana republics devalue their currency...people use it to make arts and crafts...

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