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Why do people who go to church say they love you & yet have no concern about how you are? details?

Family members in church every sunday,yet they show no concern or visit a family member who could use their help.All live within 25 miles.Do I expect too much of them or do I see words not backed up by actions?Was in a nursing home for a short period & seen many patients deserted by their famalies.


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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Maybe they just see you as someone that whines and complains all the time and are disgusted by you.

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  • Carym
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    2 months ago

    Who says they don't care? Christians do not always have to be present (I know it means a lot) but the pressure in today's society does not always permit this closeness (our physical presence). The world is evil and evil is happening right in front of one's very eyes. But God's power exceeds the boundaries of human imagination, longing and cries.  

    I would like to comfort you with the notion that prayers are not subject to the laws of physics.  God has promised to respond to prayer, and His response is just as contingent upon our prayer as our prayer is in accordance with His will [Romans 8:2]. 

    What prevents you from communicating with God right now? 

    EDIT: Sorry, I might have sounded insensitive, because I personally don't know anyone in such a place or whether they are capable of utilizing these modern communication tools.  


    Yes, it is cruel, when family members neglect their duties. But, true Christians really care about others. They enjoy each other's company no matter the race, age or status. But those who attempt to be Christians in name only, have missed the point about what it means to be a Christian. For this reason it's not fair that all Christians are lumped into one category. 

    Of course, we will pray for you... I don't know you, but I know exactly what to pray for. God bless. 

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  • 2 months ago

    Sadly this does happen with people who live busy lives. They assume, pernaps, that they are being cared for in a home. 

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