How likely are you to die if your on a atv and going 66 miles per hour and you smash into a tree?

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  • 2 months ago
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    You're dead .

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  • Mj
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    2 months ago

    ...assuming the tree is large enough, and hit directly, 66 mph to 0 in 0 seconds. Game over.  

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  • 2 months ago

    That is not survivable.  As an EMT in Alaska - a place where the ATV is either the only vehicle the family has or the second car - I have seen folks die at 10mph.  I was in an accident - going through a field at only 5-8mph and truck a log hidden in the grass - I flew over the handlebars and could have easily broken my neck.

    Had a friend get his foot caught by the rear tire.... pulled him off the seat and under the tire.  From his ankle to right butt cheek - was all one big black bruise - he could have easily died of a blood clot to the brain or heart if not for air-ambulance him to a major city.

    Had a 11 year old girl do the same thing.  She hung on.  The tire ripped off her sneaker and all the skin and muscle off all her toes on one foot.  I had to help the local Physician Assistant - it was a 7 hour flight to the hospital but not planes able to fly in fog - I had to help the PA snip off her 5 toes and heat seal the blood vessels.

    Had a guy drive on the wrong side a phone pole and hit the support wire - got him right under the helmet.  Helmet was 12 feet from the body with his head still in it.  He was doing about 25-30mph.

    Had an ATV pulling an 18 year old young lady on a truck tube on snow and ice.  Rope broke and she slid into a fence post right up between her legs at 10mph.  Broke her cervix in a clean split (hip bones) into two pieces.  

    Kid 13 years old at a bon fire. Tried to jump the ATV over the fire, it got stuck in the middle of the fire and burst into flames.  Dad got the kid off in two seconds but that kid has 70 percent burns all over him and dad got it all on his face, hands, and 40 precent.

    Watched a friend trying to put a high mark on a really big hill covered in deep snow.  He lost control and jumped free - then tumbled 370-400 yards down the hill. I could hear him laughing.  The scary part - freaking ATV acted like it hated him and followed him!  He zigged and zagged and damn thing kept with him.  When he finally stopped - it rolled over him a few seconds later.  It was only a 200cc so not heavy and he only got a small cut.

    Watched same friend unbox and assemble a new ATV.  Was sitting on it when he started it - it flew out the garage, picked up speed and hit a parked car - he flow over the car superman, hands in front!  Landed in a pile of soft snow.  Walked away from that one.

    Roomates girlfriend left for the night around 10pm.  She got about a mile down the nearly never used road at night and hit a parked car at full speed.  ATV burst into flames.  She was unconscious and burned with it.  Hour later she woke up, her jaw in 30 pieces, burns over 45 percent of her body..... girl crawled back to the house on hands and knees.  1:30am she comes in and nobody could recognize her.  Had a Coast Guard C-130 come from Kodiak to get her and take her to Anchorage. I helped prep her for the flight - I will never forget holding a cup in front of her and catching all the pieces of tooth and bones she spit out.  Ten years later the pretty woman grabs me by the sleeve while in the Anchorage Ted Stevens airport - it was her, and she looked great!  Just a small scar between her lips and chin..... took 17 operations to make her that way.

    I have owned a pair of ATV's since the mid 80's.  They are not toys.  They can get your serious hurt with just a few seconds of distraction.  

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    not very likely these days with airbags.

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