Looking for a Title and Author of a Book?

I read this book a long time ago; it was probably published earlier than 2000 for sure. It was fiction and was kind of sci-fi/supernatural like. I thought it was by an author named Pauline Gedge but I seem to be wrong. I only remember a few points about it.

The main character is a woman, possibly a doctor or a professor and she recently had a miscarriage due to falling on ice and maybe having trouble dealing with it.

Another character is a little girl who is autistic or at least unable to communicate. She doesn't talk and maybe violent to herself and others, like rocking and hitting her head off the wall and lashing out and may wander off a lot. The main character may be there to assess her or just meets her but they form a connection. People in the town are possibly afraid of her. By the end, they may or may not try to kill her and she is saved by the main character, but I'm unsure of that.

At the end of the book, the main character, the girl and I think the love interest are in a house that is being built in a housing community. The construction site might be on some sacred land or something. Fire or something destructive rains down on them and possibly kills everyone except for the main character and the girl. This event is something the little girl could sense or is the cause of, not sure.

I'm sorry for how vague this is but any guesses would be appreciated.


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