Did anybody else see a big piece of spacejunk reenter the atmosphere over gulf coast Texas at 7:35:35 P.M. on 1/28/2020?

It was moving at pretty good clip from almost due north to the south in the late glow of the sunset, it must have been almost over San Antonio.   

I've seen the shuttle reenter and it was a lot like that, except that it didn't have a visible ion trail.  It was straight out west of the Houston area, and about 15 degrees above the horizon.  It moved a lot more slowly than a real meteor from out in the solar system, but it was much faster than anything traveling in the atmosphere, even the life-flight helicopter doesn't go by that fast.  Any kind of plane would have to be flying just above treetop level, therefore not just audible, rattling every window in the house, a plane going by that fast would knock the dishes off the high shelf, so not an aircraft.  It moved more like a golf ball when you hit it with your driver.  A drone right there would have to be audible and it would also be on fire with magnesium ribbons!

 Its color was similar to one of those outdoor gaslights, with the asbestos mantles, that people used to have in their front yards to light the path (a kind of grayish, yellow-green light).  It was about as bright as a thousand lumen LED light at maybe 75m away.  Its path was almost horizontal, I was looking at Venus and the crescent moon just over some power lines, when this burning object like one of the fireballs from a roman candle caught my attention.  It was a good bit brighter than either the moon or Venus. Anybody else in Texas looking west at 7:35 CST?

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