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I need some assistance with dog food, help?

Hello! I have two dogs, one is a mess, the other is training/working.

 I have been raw feeding since 2019, and have had issues with my messy dog.I have had little to no success finding a reasonable bone source we could use (Duck, turkey, chicken, etc) and cannot reasonably buy rib bones as often as I would need to even test beef bones. I have been cooking sweet potato for him, but the cost has nearly doubled my raw bill.

The messy boy has inflammatory bowel disease, so he will be good for a bit sometimes and then pop off and not tolerate a food at all anymore. I am not purposely moving him around, I have IBS and understand this isnt comfortable for him, but neither is just letting him flare. I have considered proplan, but I am allergic to dogs who eat grain, it makes their saliva acidic to my skin.

My other dog will just be put on half raw half kibble.

I need grain free, including oat free, Chicken free, and turkey free sold in Canada. 

I am considering Natures Domain from Costco, I just want to make sure I explore all of my options first, as its a lot of white potato.

Any suggestions?

***I am aware of the DCM scare rn***


Currently debating Pulsar as well, but its hit or miss. One dog can do bad while one does good, vice versa.

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    Feeding your dog a raw diet cane be time consuming and expensive. It's also important you do your research thoroughly before doing it because I've seen a dog get malnourished and underweight from going onto a raw diet. 

    With raw it's either all or nothing. All raw or all not. This is to do with the dog's digestive system. I give my dog steamed meat and veg. I buy bones with marrow stuffed in them and dig the marrow out because she can't chew bones (although she can manage raw spare ribs as they are thin) and as you say butchers don't seem to want to give raw bones anymore. My butchers doesn't even seem to have any, every time I ask and going their is out of my way.

    I would consider going back to a commercial diet that is a good quality. You may even need to feed your dog's different food. The best person to ask about this is your vet.

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    I realise you prefer to use a raw diet but unless a dog is doing well on it and the diet is properly balanced, I'd think you may be better going back to a commercially made complete diet - but one that's grain free for sure.   Try a fish and potato food (you could make that yourself but the commercially made F & P diets have all the extras you may not be able to source.  Remembering rice is also a cereal and some dogs, one of mine included, react to food that contains rice.

    I don't think you are doing either much good using half raw and half kibble either.

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    how bout looking in a slaughterhouse? Theres plenty of bones there and they dont want em.... ask nicely  and they will give em you for free where i live.  I dunno about where you live though

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