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relationship conflict, need some advice?


so ive been with my gf for a while now and our entire relationship until now has been kinda just. her being very irrational and not being right towards me and ive been trying my best to help her get past that but every time its the same thing

she gets irrationally upset at something and then its like *in tears* "im gonna change i promise"

im sure you can guess what happens next (cycle)

i just feel a little bit forced to be here because of how much i impact her mental health, she practically seems to be inable to live without me and im sure she can, but that in itself has left me feeling ball and chain.

and i cant lie, as of late she seems to be slightly improving, she just got new prescription of antidepressants for the first time ever, and im assuming in her mind its time to fix everything

but i just feel so worn out and drained and kinda traumatized from all the pointless drama she caused that i just dont feel the energy or motivation anymore to keep going

ive been afraid to leave her for other reasons too, such as she was my first and seeing her possibly flirting with someone else might really mess with my head, and that pops into my head when i think abt leaving and it shakes me to my core. which doesnt make any sense because i still feel the same about her (unmotivated etc)

would appreciate a new outlook on this. have basically heard it all at this point. this is a huge mental battle

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  • Sandy
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    4 weeks ago

    you have a right to be mentally and psychologically healthy. and if that means leaving her to get it, then you need to summon the courage to tell her so. you've tried helping her but it sounds like you're exhausted. it's not your responsibility to fix her. just leave. even if you have to do it by text. just get away so you can be happy again. 

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