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Middle name for KrystaBelle?

Me n my bf r expecting our first child together & its a little girl. I know this is an opinion board, but please keep in mind that we didn't ask for anyone's opinion on her first name because whether you like it or not it's not going to change 

We don't wanna name her Krysta & use Bell as her MN, we find that its prettier mushed together. 

We just want MN suggestions, not opinions on the name, we're still using KrystaBelle as her FN we just need a pretty MN to go with it.

If u don't like our name choice, u don't have to answer.KrystaBelle _______ Connors 

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Think of the ideal name as six syllables. You have five now. So go with a short middle name. I like the J suggestions and would add Joy as an idea. Or you could use Hope or Faith.

    Consider a name that she might like to actually use, because when she’s a teen, she may feel that KrystaBelle is too sweet and she’ll want to try something tougher. Or she may need something short when she’s on Twitter and every letter counts.

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  • helene
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    4 weeks ago

    Needs a one-syllable middle name to calm it all down. Nothing beginning with L. Something like Jane or Jean or June. Fern. Rae. That sort of name.

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