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I want to be a good fiancée, but what should I do ?

I’m 22

Call me sensitive, immature, or stupid this is the situation and I know for a fact how I feel isn’t crazy. 

My fiancés younger (18) year old sister has always felt I “took” her brother away from her. She’s the youngest out of 3 and the only girl. Until after a year of dating, and her unwelcoming bitchy behavior, we finally got together with my fiancé and she explained why she explained she felt a certain way seeing my fiancé love me the way he does for so soon at the time, and how close I was becoming with their mother. Also how he picked to be great to me before his baby sister. (I’m not even the first person he’s dated)

Anyway.. I’ve tried being nice to the girl, offering her to do stuff, complementing anything to make her feel good, get her little gifts. I may not get the petty treatment in person but now I see her texting and talking about how ugly I am, how I need to get a new wardrobe, how I’m slumped as a female. It’s so personal where I don’t see a relationship with her. My fiancé doesn’t understand this type of drama but to tell me to ignore when he sees it for himself.

If I’m not around the sister and family they say I’m avoiding and still talk ****, when I am around it’s always some hurtful ****. I want to be supportive and a good “family” members but I can’t stand her and want nothing to do with her anymore. What do I do?

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  • Foofa
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    3 weeks ago

    If you were really old enough to be engaged to be married you'd recognize this as the childish petulance it is and you'd have enough distance from your own childhood to not be bothered by it. The problem here is that you've got a barely adult still acting out like a kid but because it's against another barely adult you lack the maturity to see what it really is. Hopefully you won't actually be getting married until you're 25+ and by then you'll have the life perspective to both pity and be amused by this sister's behavior.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Drop the group txts. There's no reason you need to see your boyfriend's little sister's txts anyway.

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  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    The best advice is to ignore bad behavior. People will eventually see and acknowledge her bad behavior and judge her for it. Until then, just be polite.

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