who are your top 10 wrestlers?

10. John Cena

9. Chris Jericho

 8. Kurt Angle

7. HHH

6. The Rock

5. RVD

4. Eddie Gurrero 

3. Edge

2. The Big Show

1. HBK

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    12 months ago
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    I don't have 10. That doesn't mean I don't enjoy anybody, it just means I'm not so sure of myself.

    Juventud Guerrera- One of the best wrestlers I have seen with his style of wrestling. I preferred him over Rey in WCW, and thought he was such a great wrestler. His matches with Billy Kidman were classics, and they hold up till this day; just great fast-paced, highflying battle. As he gets older he adapts with time. He know has added a more technical, more british style to his arsenal. He is still killing it in the ring, and still one of the top workers.

    Jushin Liger- One of the most decorated, most versatile wrestlers I have ever seen in my life. He was decades above his time in the ring. I even enjoyed he work before he became 'Jushin Liger'. He was one of the best highflyers in the business and one of the best innovators. He combined aerial, technical wrestling, striking, and amateur wrestling to carve his own style. Jushin Liger was so fast in the ring for his time, but also had a lower center of gravity, and was so strong to be his size. He has wrestle in japan for decades and that style is WAY more physical than in the states. He can wrestle on the mat half the match and entertains me with his knowledge of holds. I enjoy his work no matter what age he is.

    John Morrison- He has the look, the cool factor, the athletic ability, the body, the charisma, and the wrestling skills. When I first saw him I like his look, and wanted to have a body like that minus his height. As time went on, I saw that he was improving, had potential, and was putting up more of a fight each time the bell rang. I didin;t think he would ever be as good as he is now though. He is better mentally and physically at 40 than he ever was in his 20's and 30's. He can do amazing things in the ring, be creative, dynamic, but he also has a firm grip on psychology. He is so seasoned, and that can be overlooked, because of his flashiness.

    Jackie Moore- Jackie Moore wrestled different than the normal female superstar back then. She was faster, rougher, stronger, and hit harder than the other females. She was so physical in the ring. She competed better against men than women for some reason. I think she held back how hard she could hit against the other girls, because a lot of them were scared to compete against her, because of how stiff she was. Jacqueline wasn't just stiff though. She was crisp, technical, and I enjoyed her matches with Molly Holly on heat.(I think it was heat?) Jackie had years of in ring experience, and had a background in MMA, and I respected that about her. 

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    12 months ago

    Chief Jay Strongbow

    Haystacks Callhoun

    Killer Kowalski

    Bruno Samartino

    Ivan Putski

    George "The Animal" Steele

    The Rock

    Andre the Giant

    Hulk Hogan


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    1. Undertaker

    2. HBK

    3. Stone Cold Steve Austin

    4. The Rock

    5. Tripple H

    6. Bret "Hitman" Hart

    7. 1-2-3 Kid

    8. Marc Mero

    9. Ultimate Warrior

    10. Hulk Hogan

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    12 months ago

    Hulk Hogan


    The Rock

    Gave up after that... 

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