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Why are Indians so obsessed with celebrities while Bangladeshis are obsessed with politicians like sheikh mujibur Rahman and sheikh Hasina?

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    India and Bangladesh: Embraceable you." I guess by now Economist is fully aware how bullying the sitting government (Awami League) is towards any critics. You may know they politicized and thus destroyed the judicial system in the country. No one can even talk about the corruption of the judges and as a whole about system as they fear of facing the "contempt of court" in the following day. Judges are highly partisan and giving all their verdict in favour of the sitting government (AL). It is widely believed (in Bangladesh) that their verdict is written in prime minister's office. The judges are ruthless about the journalist who point at their follies and put those journalist in jail in silly charges. I am not feeling like to write a single line about the most corrupt ever can be "the Bangladesh Police." They just not worth to be talked in any discussing. Sometimes I thought if there exists any holy water which can purge our police officers from their in-built sins.

    About the popularity of present government (AL), I would say please look at polls and public opinion in online version of Bangladeshi newspapers. I guess AL now having mandate/ support less than 25 per cent of the entire population.

    Can you ever believe the President of Bangladesh, Zillur Rahman, who is also a front runner of AL, constantly give clemency to the heinous murderers despite heavy criticism. For your information all whose who received mercy are supporters of AL. A country can not function where injustice prevails and encouraged from the top most constitutional position.

    I would like to be optimistic about our business and economy. It is true that we are doing better than our neighbors (Indian and Mayanmar) in terms of poverty reduction and improving HD index. But this is not the time to become complacent as the economic growth is not inclusive and wealth is accumulated only to the few rich people (rich become richer) which will create social unrest (see newspapers). I just cannot understand how the economy run (at least till today) when there is huge power shortage (load-shedding at least 8 hrs a day) and we lost our working hours (4/5 hrs a day) due to traffic jam in capital city. Not to mention the water supply which better be termed as sewerage supply. The word 'Employment' becoming a obscure term

    Nonetheless, I am optimistic about the generation of smart young population who do not give their soul to any political party (AL or BNP) and striving hard to become more competitive in the globalized world. Days are gone to bicker on how we set our strategy with only India. I would say seeing East is more promising for us in the long run.

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