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We need a phone that works off of WiFi.?

My wife's aunt is in her nineties and lives in a nursing home that has WiFi. She has been using a flip phone to make the rather limited calls that she makes. Lately, she has been having more trouble doing that. I Think that is is mostly about pressing the buttons. The ideal phone that we would like to get for her would function like the phones that she used forty years ago and work of the nursing home WiFi. We looked at Magic Jack but is seems to require a network plug to work. Right now, it looks like Ooma might be her best bet. She does have a computer in her room that she uses exclusively for email. Any new technology requires very specific written instructions, even if it seems intuitive to my wife and me.

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    Can't she use one of the old fashion phones that the nursing home has?  Most nursing homes can or do provide a phone in the room. 

    Getting someone that age to use newer technology is a challenge at best.  

    My mother-in-law can't grasp how to use an iPhone.  She's taken 100's of pictures of her lap, she sits and taps on the screen - lol.

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    Any modern smart phone will work for that.  You just need an app like LINE or Google Voice. The problem is that many 90 year olds can't use apps very well.

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