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Why whenever I need to think, I go to my piano?

Its hard to explain, but whenever Im on task doing something, whenever I need to think, I go to my piano thats on my right, and I play it while thinking? What does this mean?

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    This is called a stimulus-behavior set. You're accustomed do to doing your thinking at the piano and the piano gives you the cues - sight, sound, and touch - that tell the thinking part of your brain that it's time to go to work. Some people can't come up with ideas unless they're out going for a walk. When I need an idea, I'll lie on the couch and close my eyes. It works very quickly. 

    I imagine that the kind of music you like to play at a time like this is something mellow. We generate ideas easier when we're relaxed. That's why some people say they get their best ideas at bedtime (Source: The Happiness Track by psychologist Emma Seppala.)

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      example of what im thinking, Im learning how to control my mind emotional, and i imagine sharing the info to my friends, whenever I think about that I go to my piano without realizing, I tell myself to stop but somehow i forget andplay flight of the bumblebee, a songthat hurts your hand & is loud.

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  • 2 months ago

    thats probably cause it relaxes you

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