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Canadians: Is it worth visiting Toronto for a day?

Okay here's the thing; I'm an American with family and roots in Quebec (and I've already visited Montreal several times), and will be visiting Canada again in a couple months.

As much as I love Montreal (and Quebec in general), I'm thinking about doing a day trip to Toronto. you suggest I go there? Lately there have been many murders and violence there (mainly in rough places like Scarborough?), and the right wing news tarnishes the image of the city. I'm also aware that Toronto is expensive and crowded. 

So should I visit Toronto or not? After all, everyone who spends time in Canada should see the place at least one in their lives.

Or am I better of just staying in Montreal, during my stay?

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    Well, how much time do you have available for your trip ? Because getting from Montreal to Toronto is about a six hour car or train trip, and with checkin times at airports, still several hours by plane.

    And, if you drive and want to stay in downtown Toronto, parking will not be cheap.

    Toronto is still safer than pretty much any US city.

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    Your concerns appear to be that of someone who is considering moving there, not someone who is going to take a few days to visit.

    Toronto has about 50million visitors each year.  Few of these people have problems. 

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    From Montreal, it's a six hour drive each way. More in rush hour, Not much time left if it's day flying.

    Which particular right wing news?

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    I have NEVER had a bad experience visiting Toronto. The Eton Mall was grand, They have the Worlds Largest Bookstore, I was able to find fantastic small restaurants (Graf Bobby...try the torts) and just walking and people watching was enjoyable. I have not been there in over a decade, but my wife and I intend to return soon.

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