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Soccer is growing in America but the it would never be a champion unless it changes its culture?

I would like to begin with this. The name soccer is  irrelevant. No America won’t become champion when Americans start calling Soccer, football. 

That certainly hasn’t help England. America is a country of champions and what America needs is a mind shift. The US has the top sports leagues and sports tournaments in the world when it comes to Ice Hockey, Basketball, Baseball, Tennis, and Golf. Even if Americans is the only country in the world that play American Football they still have enough popularity to reach Mexico, UK, Canada, Japan, Italy, and Germany. 

Americans don’t invest in the MLS because the league sucks compare to the EPL, Liga, Sería A, Bundesliga and the French league. 

Brazil, Mexico, Turkey, Russia, Argentina, Uruguay, Portugal, and Scotland are all better than MLS. The MLS is practically competing with Australia, China, Japan, and UAE for the retirement league. 

What the MLS needs to do is bring a second division league.

Bring retirement players between 30-34

Export players to Europe and invest in inners cities to trained youth

Boston is one of the sport cities in America but when it comes to soccer it’s one of the worst team in the MLS. Bringing Bostonians to soccer would have a higher impact on soccer than LA and New York

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    There is room for the 'big 4' US sports and MLS.  There is no reason to try to convince NFL fans which is better.  To each their own.

    To your comments about MLS, the league is only 25 years old.  It's actually quite remarkable how it's grown and progressed in that time period.  Everything you say needs to happen has been happening for a number of years.  It is now attracting top talent from Mexico and other leagues in Central & South America.  This includes older players, but also young talent. MLS for years has exported talent.  The next 5 years it's clear we're going to see more and more spending.  MLS has for many years exported talent, both Americans/Canadian and foreign players with MLS owned contracts, to Europe.  That should continue.  

    Every MLS team has development teams where they find and develop local talent.  Many of those players play on MLS first teams now.  

    The US has a 2nd Division called USL along with several D3 and below leagues.  Some are regional.  Some are national.

    Remember, sports in the US are not like other countries.  England is basically the size of California.  The longest travel distance for the Premier league this year is Newcastle with a total of 4444 miles.  Compare that to the SMALLEST total miles for MLS of 25,862 for Columbus and the largest of 51,210 for Vancouver.  San Jose doesn't have a team within 400 miles of it!  That has its own challenges with not just fatigue but also attracting players in general.  

    As for Boston, that's an issue for Kraft.  While he was instrumental in creating and developing the league from day one, it's obvious he doesn't care about the Revolution as much as he could.  Get them a proper downtown stadium, buy a few good European players, and there could be some real support.

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  • MLS already has a development league with most teams operating a development team.

    You're trying to compare two different systems. MLS is a single entity franchise system; none of the other elite leagues operate this way. In other words, the owners pay MLS for a franchise (that money gets split among the other owners). So if Nashville spent $300mm on a new franchise, the existing owners take an equal cut of said money. There's no promotion/relegation because the franchise agreements state (in very explicit terms) that there won't be promotion/relegation. MLS is run by a commissioner who reports to the owners (the same way MLB, the NHL, NBA and NFL operate).

    Culture isn't going to change their business model.

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    Never been a big fan of soccer. I always thought of it as a sport for girlie motherboy types who like to prance around in front of the mirror in bra and panties. Thank you but no.

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