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1. An observer in an airport control tower sights an airplane at an angle of elevation of 32 degrees. The pilot reports the plane at an altitude at 3.5km from the horizontal of his line of sight. What is the airplane's horizontal ground distance, d, from the tower

2. An airplane pilot sights  a life raft. The angle of depression is 26 degrees and the planes altitude is 3km. What is the plane's distance, d from the raft. 

3. The angle of elevation of a helicopter from a ship is 35 degrees. The altitude of the helicopter is 2800cm. How far is the buoy, directly below the helicopter, to the ship

4. If the angle of depression of the ship from the helicopter is 29 degrees and the water surface distance from the helicopter to the ship is 2640 feet find the altitude of the helicopter.

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    Think right triangles.  In each case you are given the length of one of the sides and an angle.  This is as simple as it gets.  Pick a trig function and solve for the other side.  Each question should take less than a minute to do, much faster than waiting for someone to give you the (possibly incorrect) answer.  

    Keep in mind that you won't have the Yahoo! Answers to bail you out when you'll see similar problems on the test, and you WILL see them,  so you'd better learn now how to do them yourself.   

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  • 2 months ago

    Please use the homework or math category.

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  • Anonymous
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    These are simple sine, cosine, tangent problems.  If you cannot solve them and you are an engineering major or a math major, you might want to transfer to a liberal arts school.

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      bru im in the 10 grade and im doing makeup homework chill lmao

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