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Any good American restaurants in Montreal?

I'm American and my sister is studying at McGill at the moment. My parents are sending me up to see her, and stay at her apartment. I've got my valid passport and all that.

Anyhow, people say that Montreal is like a North American Paris/Brussels (my sister believes that theory), but *I* say it's the Canadian New York City (albeit on steroids); Paris is 100 percent French people, whereas Montreal is a global melting pot like New York is. And Quebec in general is similar to New York State, if anything. Nothing remotely French or European about it. 

So are there any American style restaurants in the city? Fast food perhaps? Pizza? Cheeseburgers with fries? Fried Chicken? Any do they have vendors that sell hot dogs on the street?

And is the Chinatown any good?

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    Dinette Triple Crown Is in Montreal and specializes in Southern American comfort food and is really good

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    Oh, man; wait until you try poutine.  And, Montreal croissants.  And, Montreal style smoked meat.  You won't want to eat crappy American food ever again!

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    Well, you are massive wrong about many things. Quebec IS mostly French in terms of ethnicity, which is very different from the nearby US states by a LOT.

    So yes, Montreal is more like Brussels and Paris (Hint: I was born in Montreal, and have been to both Brussels and Paris) than it is to NYC.

    And yes, while there is plenty of US style crap food to be found in Montreal, that city also has a tremendous variety of many cuisines from all over the world. Montreal is very much a foodie city, and if all you eat there is US style food, you will miss one of the best things about visiting Montreal.

    And, Montreal's Chinatown is awesome.

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    Yes, there's pizza in Montreal. Google 'pizza montreal'. And fried chicken. Google 'fried chicken montreal'. And burgers with fries, and fast food. Google... you should have the idea by now. Your sister lives there. Doesn't she have any idea what food is around? Yes, there are hot dogs on the street, but I wouldn't be interested when it's well below freezing outside. What would make a Chinatown 'any good' in your opinion?

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