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Why do Muslims have such strange rules to their religion? ?

You gotta take a complete shower and be totally nude before praying, even in public places

Can't use toilet tissue even if you do #2

Can't have a bf or gf and get to know a person, expected to go straight to marriage or have an arranged marriage 

The men can date/marry children (??)

The males can marry a hundred women even if they all disapprove of each other

They take part in a very taboo ceremony called ASHURA that involves SLICING EACH OTHER'S BABIES HEADS WITH KNIVES as a sacrifice to "islam"

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  • DP.
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    Islam is backstick crazy!

    ...know any Muslims?  Ask them if they can recite passages in the Quran (they all can) then ask what the passage they recited means.   90% won't be able to.  Ask those that claim to know if they've read the Quran cover to cover because 98% of Muslims haven't.

    ...I don't blame them... because lots of it is plain giberish... and in fact there's only ONE full story of anyone in the Quran, and that's of Joseph that they stole from the Torah!Now you know this, how can you reason with someone who follows such garbage?

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